How can I purchase your dice?

There are two ways to purchase a set of dice:

  1. Order from my Etsy Shop

  2. Request a commission

How often do you update your Etsy Shop?

Shopdates (Shop Updates) usually occur once a month. If you are interested in more up to date details, please check out my Instagram for the most up to date information.

How much do your dice cost?

Dice prices vary depending on the amount of time and materials used. However, you can use this as a guide:

  1. Full, 8 piece set- Starting price $75

  2. 30mm, D20 chonk- Starting price $40

  3. 40mm, D20 chonk- Starting price $50

Are your dice balanced?

There are two answers to this question:

  1. If the dice do not have inclusions, such as hand sculpted elements, pinecones, etc., then they should be!

  2. If the dice have inclusions, then they may be unbalanced. Talk to your DM/GM if you are concerned about rolling them at your table.

I do not intentionally make weighted dice and do my best to make them as balanced as possible.

What is a chonk?

A chonk is a very large die, usually a D20. I have two different types of chonks that I make; one with my logo in place of the '20', and one with a regular '20' face.

What are your dice made of?

My dice are made from Envirotex Lite resin and various inclusions such as mica powder, alcohol inks, glitter, etc.

How do you make your dice?

Great question! Here is a basic outline of the steps:

  1. I watched A LOT of tutorial videos from Rybonator.

  2. My master dice and logo were designed, by me, using the 3D modeling software, Blender.

  3. They were then 3D printed by Gloom Jester's Dice.

  4. I then sanded these master dice and used them to make silicone molds.

  5. Dice designs are then planed and poured (when resin is mixed and poured into the molds) and placed in a pressure pot for 24 hours.

  6. When the dice come out of the pressure pot, they are given a few days to finish curing and are then sanded.

  7. Once sanded, the dice are inked using acrylic paint.

  8. When purchased, they are given a little extra polish and are packaged with care!

Can you create custom designs for a dice set?

Yes! If you are looking for a die with letters instead of numbers, or a special image on the '20' side, I have the ability to do that!