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Updated 11/25/2023

The dice set arrived quickly and well protected with additional goodies inside from the store. The dice are really beautiful and very detailed. It's clear Erika put a lot of thought, time, and effort into all aspects and the end result is really an impressive set of functional art, in my opinion. The D20 perfectly slots into the dice guardian too and I'm ultimately glad I picked it up, just adds a nice touch and a way to display a piece from the set. If you're looking for a high quality dice set made with the attention and care it deserves, look no further. Any time I need additional dice I'll make sure I visit Erika's shop first!


At a $60 price point, I expected the 3Omm chonk D20 to impress. There are some imperfections, and the D20 could use a bit more polish, but I was impressed by the precise number inking. The numbers are inked with all seven colors of the Rainbow. There's no color bleeding, no fade, no overlapping colors... and no mistakes. That blew me away! I added the optional DICE GUARDIAN and was pleased that it, and the MercuryDice charm on the bag, matched the rainbow theme. She was very responsive and replied to all my messages. She accidentally forgot to include a sticker in my order, so she sent it to me by mail with the sticker enclosed! I add at least one set of Pride-related dice to my collection each year during Pride Month. Overall the product, service, and extra effort were excellent. I'm proud to display this D20!

-The Dice Goblins

Love this dice so much! Beautifully made <3 I always roll new dice right out of the packaging… I rolled a Natural 20!!! Didn’t let me down next D&D session either!!!


Such amazing quality! They feel amazing and the Green and gold effects Just make me so happy! I trial rolled them and so far am very satisfied :) cannot wait to get them into Action it's still so Long...but cannot wait to First use them in game in 2 weeks! They will suit my Fey Wanderer just fine :) I Loved the package in which it came! So many lovely Details from the Note to the washitape 💙


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!


As shown on the picture, the resin dice of a pinecone and dried cicada shell does look so real to me. It's beautiful, realistic, artistic, nature and handmade. I really like it.


Beautiful set, can't wait to roll!


I liked the dice guardian and the stickers that came with the order. It has a lovely dice pouch and the d20 itself is lovely, colorful, and rolled an 18 on the first roll.

-J. Antonio

I'm obsessed with the dice I got! They are beautiful and I can't stop staring at the sparkle. Getting to watch the livestream and chat with others excited about Erika's dice was so fun.


Dragon. Ball. DICE. HELLO?! These are hilariously amazing! This is my third purchase from Erika and they just keep getting better, would definitely recommend!


I love these little rainbow babies!! They're cute in any light, but put them in sunlight and BOOM! They're all anyone in the room will talk about :) This wasn't my first purchase from Mercury Dice and it won't be my last, service is impeccable!


Love the colors on these. Very cute packaging as well. This is my third set from this shop and I can't recommend it enough.

-Wolfwood Gaming

Gorgeous unique dice, will definitely be buying from this store again.


Thank you-the item was as described and surprisingly not as heavy as I’d think.


Gorgeous colors. I’m obsessed with the token. Great shop to support.


Lovely die with great polished finish. I cannot wait to use it.


Amazing product! I love how beautiful this dice is!


Gorgeous black and red D20. I would literally buy every set from this maker if I could.


Beautiful, high quality dice with quick shipping and friendly service.


I love these firey bois! They're absolutely stunning and a joy to roll!


These dice look great, roll great, are great!


These dice are so pretty! I love them.

-Wolfwood Gaming

Adorable dice with excellent finish!


I love love the bright pop of color. High quality.


Oh my gosh, the sparkle on these dice are amazing. Great quality dice and shipped quickly. Love my new dice!

-Wolfwood Gaming

Beautiful and well made. This chunk makes me so happy I’m keeping it in my purse. This is my third purchase from Mercury Dice and every time has been an excellent experience!


These dice are very pretty and the edges are nice and sharp. can't wait to add them to my Paladin's regular dice pallet.


lovely! very crisp numbers and well formed — sharp edges a great shape. came well packaged in a nice bag with a custom charm and a free resin pin. great value for the price.


Beautiful dice! Seller never disappoints!


Amazing colors, excellent composition and finish! 1000% would recommend!


Beautiful dice! Love the shapes. Shipped quickly!


Great purchase. I'm sure my wife will love it!


Beautiful! Even better than the pictures! And I loved the little surprises! I'll be rolling crits at my next session for sure!


Arrived on time and as pictured. Happy to get a d4 in that shape for my collection. Also came with a very nice dice bag to hold them.


I ordered “Primary” set. No way do the photos come close to the vibrancy, clarity and the corner shaping of your work.


So spooky and sparkly! Lovely addition with a surprise guardian!


So pretty! I love them!


Every bit as beautiful as in the pictures! Arrived safe and on time.


Beautifully packaged! Excellent, unique dice!


These dice are so nice and glittery! Love the colors.


These babies are BEAUTIFUL. Such a pretty petri effect and wonderfully finished.


wonderful dice, fast shipping a gift im sure my bestie is gonna love!


A pokéball d20 oh my god. Excellent quality of course, 1000% would recommend!!


Absolutely delightful dice! Perfect purple foils, strips, and dyes! Great finish and quality, definitely do recommend!


Perfect little gift for any DM!


so absolutely lovely, rogue is my go-to class!


A beautiful D20!